Autorent 2nd Demo Installation (CRS version)

Autorent Car rental system version integration steps are give below :-

  1.  Install the theme (autorent 2.zip file)
  2.  Install all the recommended plugins including car rental system plugin.
  3.  Import the dummy data, theme options data & car rental cars from the car->settings->demo.
  4.  Save the menu from appearance->menu
  5.  Set your front and blog page from Settings->writing 

Autorent Car rental System Installation Issues:

you may find that your site is not exactly as our demo site after completing the installation. 

we understand your concern,

but it's a fact that your site is not working as our

demo site, it's not mandatory that it's a issue of our theme,

here is something that might go wrong for you,

i) you wp-uploads folder is not writable 

ii) your wp-content folder has permission issue

iii) your database version is less than 5.6

iv) your php max var is less than 4000

v) your file upload size is less than 64

vi) your maximum execution is low

vii) php version is recommended 5.6

viii) serve mamory is less than 256

ix) wp memory is less than 96 check the below documentation


x) post max size is less than 64

xi) allow url fopen on 

Autorent Car rental System Installation Service:

If you still find that your site is not working exactly same as our demo, then there is one final solution for you we can offer is take our paid installation service and our partner will troubleshot your issues and will fix it for you. As Envato haven't included the installation service in the theme support policy you can't offer this support for free. Also the amount of effort and time it takes to troubleshoot your server issue it's wroth the extra money you will invest here. If you are interested please submit a ticket